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Nancy is a masterful mentor coach who has a deep understanding of what motivates people. Moreover, in teaching she shares insights on how to leverage that knowledge for the optimal benefit of both the client & the organization they work for. Her CLTMC certification training has equipped me to challenge leaders & change legacies!

Mark Kover

Having worked with Al Garcia in multiple capacities, including New Life Community Church, I have always found him to be compassionate, intuitive and to have genuine concern for the person or persons he is working with while never losing sight of each person’s individuality. Al Garcia is a man of integrity, character, experience and insight. He is a pleasure to work with. Al Garcia has been successful in coaching a wide variety of clients in numerous areas of the work force, clients to include but not limited to Allstate, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, New Life Community Church and Multiplicity Network. Al Garcia has a great depth of experience that gives him a unique ability to coach individuals with varying needs in the corporate setting. These experiences have distinctively equipped him to provide consultation and coaching in the areas of organizational and leadership development. His track record with clients is impressive and speaks for itself!

As a registered nurse and leader, I know how very important it is to employ associates who can bring purpose, meaning, engagement, satisfaction, and balance to their place of employment. Managing an education department and its staff can be challenging for me with communication and team work being at the core of our existence. Al Garcia is someone who was able to provide techniques and practical steps that produce the desired results within an organization. Al Garcia is the person I reach out to when I am contemplating a career decision or am faced with major challenges, both work related and personal. Al Garcia shares his God given vision for leadership and is committed to his clients’ success! It is a privilege to know and work alongside Al Garcia

Donna M. Shelby
RN-BC, MEd, MSN, APN, Manager, Clinical Education, Advocate Trinity Hospital

Pastor Al Garcia, while leading the weekly workshop, conducted the meeting with sensitivity to what we were all experiencing. Sensing the stress and anxiety levels of the group, his voice communicated his genuine care and concern for our present trials but hope for a better future. Specifically, I enjoyed the integration of both biblical skills along with practical ideas. I was struck by the principle that he taught that if you have experienced a bad job environment where you needed to personally make some changes, that anticipating that the same issues would not reappear in the next job situation would be unwise. I knew that principle in relationships with people but had not ever thought about it in a job context. I look forward to future Career Workshops conducted by Pastor Al Garcia.

Leanna Enders
Bank Supervisor

Al Garcia understands the needs and mission of the corporation and the individual. His listening skills, along with his ability to empathize with clients, allow him to assess each one’s needs. He is then able to respond to each client as a unique individual. He coaches with vigor and commitment to the participants. Al Garcia is able to present information in such a way that clients become energized and enthusiastic about their future employment and the work required to obtain it.

Francis A. Lopez
Adult Educator, City Colleges of Chicago

Al Garcia is an insightful and intuitive leader, coach and Multi-Site Church Pioneer. Al brings wisdom, experience and professional skill to both the market place and sacred arenas'. He is a true team player that brings the best out in others - a joy to work with!

John Palmieri
Multi-Site Pastor, New Life Community Church

Nancy is an outstanding leadership coach trainer and mentor. Nancy’s supportive style coupled with her vast experience and knowledge is a gift to anyone who has the good fortune to have her as their leadership coach trainer. She utilizes the state of the art coaching principles, assessments and leadership knowledge which she generously shares with all of her men-tees. In addition, she is well connected to many contemporary leadership thought leaders and authors whom she partners with to keep her training very current.

Sherry McDonald
CLMTC Graduate

Nancy leads an excellent program on Leadership Coaching. Nancy has deep expertise on the coaching and related assessments to use in coaching. She provides excellent feedback during practice coaching and prepares you to coach in a variety of situations.

Linda Wilson
Graduate, Leadership Coach Certification

Last year in Minneapolis I attended Mitch Kusy's and Elizabeth Holloway's rollout of their new book on toxic personalities. As a former Human Resources executive I was interested in the topic because toxic individuals in organizations have been the bane of HR's and management's existence. From the beginning of the presentation to the end, I found myself nodding in agreement. Mitch and Elizabeth don't rely on anecdotes, but build their premises and conclusions on solid research and data. They are also both excellent presenters, segueing from one section to the next and from each other with ease, polish and professionalism. Anyone attending their presentations will come away with the confidence and information to handle one of management's thorniest problems.

Sylvia M. D'Angelo
Sr. Vice President, Fortune 100 Corporation

’Toxic Workplace’ describes how to identify and best work with toxic personalities. It also provides a systemic approach for creating a culture that’s positive and respectful while improving the bottom line. Kusy and Holloway share how their national research translates into real-work practices in organizations. I endorse their practical, concrete approaches that will make a significant difference in organizations today and in the future.

Gregg Steinhafel
President and CEO, Target Corporation

’Toxic Workplace’ brings a rare and valuable view of one of the great challenges facing leaders in today’s organizations. It is a significant guidebook to the healthy enterprise of the future, not only because of Kusy and Holloway’s systems approach to dealing with toxic personalities, but also their unique practice of creating communities of respectful engagement. This book demonstrates how this impacts both organizational social responsibility and the bottom line.

Frances Hesselbein
Former CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA
Founding President and Chairman of Leader to Leader Institute