Terms and Agreements


Communication Policy and Courtesy:

  • I will pay my own long-distance phone charges.
  • I will use a corded phone or a good telephone headset and pay for all of my expenses to purchase this equipment; international students must obtain advance approval from WCI to use Skype.
  • I agree to WCI sharing my preferred e-mail address and phone number with all students in class.
  • I have access to a computer for e-mail correspondence and to the web to view and download materials from a webpage; I will pay all of my computer expenses.


Course Material and Copyright Policy:

  • I agree not to share any WCI course webpage and all copyrighted materials with anyone else.
  • I will download and print course materials (optional) from a handouts webpage (to be provided).
  • I will purchase any required text(s) for this course.
  • I understand that certain topics may be anonymously and/or hypothetically shared with other students for training or mentor coaching purposes.
  • You may receive forms, tools or other self-assessments as part of your course. Your instructor will let you know which resources you can (or cannot) use when coaching individual clients. Please do not share these forms with others. Regarding all other material, you may share the strategies and concepts verbally with individual clients.  WCI does allow reproduction for classroom or individual use of some WCI forms, tools or guides at a minimal cost.  Please contact your instructor directly about reproduction fees.



  • I agree to complete an evaluation of the course within two weeks of the final class.
  • I understand that WCI will send a summary of evaluations, along with my name to NBCC to comply with contact hours for licensed counselors.


Course Guarantees:

  • I acknowledge that no guarantees have been made to me as to the expected outcomes of my coach, assessment or leadership  training.
  • I understand that if the instructor has to miss a class due to a scheduled vacation or illness, a class may need to be rescheduled. WCI will make every effort to work around my schedule when rescheduling it.
  • I understand that there needs to be a minimum of four students for the class to proceed.


Withdrawal / Refund Policy:

I agree to the Withdrawal Policy which allows me to withdraw from the program as follows: a) if withdrawing 2 weeks prior to the first class, I will receive a refund equal to 90% of tuition (taking into account all scholarships), not exceeding the total amount I’ve paid; b) if withdrawing less than 2 weeks prior to the first class, I will receive a refund equal to 80% of course tuition (taking into account all scholarships), not exceeding the total amount I’ve paid; c) if withdrawing after the course has begun I understand that no refunds will be made; or d) if I request to have my paid funds applied to the next course offering and WCI approves it, I understand that I am no longer eligible for a refund for that course. In the event of my withdrawal, I agree to delete the course webpage and any files I have accessed and not to share them with anyone.

Recording of Class:

  • ICF requires written permission from each student that indicates their knowledge and agreement with the International Coach Federation (ICF) requirements for CCE and ACSTH accredited programs and requires that all programs be recorded.  By choosing “I agree to WCI Terms and Conditions,” you agree that you have been notified of this stipulation and grant permission to the ICF to audit student records and classes.
  • I give WCI my permission to record all of the live classes.  I understand that classes will be recorded when possible but know that Workplace Coach Institute doesn’t guarantee a recording will always be available; if I do miss a class and a recording is not available, I will contact another student to learn what I missed in that class.

Payment Plan:

I acknowledge that if my credit card is declined and/or check is not received on schedule and/or is returned NSF or any reason, the full amount remaining on the balance is due within 7 days and I will not be permitted to attend class until the remaining balance for the program is paid in full.


Each of WCI’s certification programs have attendance requirements that individuals the number of live classes a student can miss. It is your responsibility to know how many classes you can miss for each certification program by reading the course documents. As professionals, we appreciate that you notify the instructor PRIOR to any absence via telephone or email.  Most calls are recorded and held for a limited time for playback after the class. If you miss a live class, you are required to listen to the audiotape and email the instructor with two or three key learnings. If technical difficulty prevents WCI from recording the class, you may contact a classmate to obtain information from a missed call.


Optional Certification:

I acknowledge that some courses have optional certification requirements. I certify that I have reviewed those details and an aware of any extra work and fees that apply.


Coaching or Leadership Credential:

After completing the course and/or meeting all certification requirements, you can use the course credential and logo for print material and on your website. You also have the opportunity to have your name listed  on WCI’s website “ Find a Coach” referral section.  A display certificate suitable for framing is provided as a downloadable document. You will be emailed the URL to obtain logos suitable for print or electronic use.


Renewal of Credential:

Coach or Leadership Certification often requires CEUs of specific training required every two years. Coach or leadership specific training may include seminars about coaching, assessment or topics related to workforce humanity. Consult the certification renewal requirements that are shared with you for your course.  WCI will inform you of your renewal anniversary via email, along with courses that meet the renewal requirements.

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