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Our coaching and leadership programs, along with consulting services can be customized and delivered on-site. Email Nancy

WCI’s leadership coaching and people management programs provide leaders with a roadmap to develop a culture of humanity in the workplace that not only engages your people, but also inspires them to strive for excellence. Our courses and consulting services are delivered by global leaders, authors, and “in the trenches” practitioners who want to share their proven coaching and leadership development techniques with you and your leaders.



Programs for Coaches, HR Professionals, Leaders, and Supervisors:Nancy Branton, CEO

Certified Leadership Development CoachSM (CLDC):

This 20-hour program combines the global application of leadership and research-based assessments and coaching theory, ICF core competencies, and coaching techniques. The outcome is an engaged and inspired workforce led by principled ambassadors of humanity.


Certified Leadership and Talent Management CoachSM (CLTMC): (Scholarships available

This 30-hour program combines the global application of leadership, talent management, people management and coaching theory, ICF core competencies, and coaching techniques. It includes numerous leadership assessments to create awareness and then to co-create a Leadership Development Action Plan for success.


Certified People Leadership & Development Coach℠ (CPLDC)/ Certified People Management Coach (CPMC):

This 15-hour program combines the global application of positive people management, coaching theory, ICF core competencies, coaching techniques and people management assessments. The outcome is engaged and inspired staff led by servant leaders.


Certified Innovation Workplace Coach – Coming Soon


Creatrix Programs:Dr. jaqueline Byrd

Creatrix® Innovation Certification Train-The-Trainer ProgramSM:

This program will give you a valuable tool and coaching process to: Create Cultures of Innovation, Create Teams that can be Innovative, Coach Individuals to be more Innovative.

Creatrix® Assessment Coach CertificationSM Teleclass:

The Creatrix® Assessment Coach CertificationSM program is designed for coaches, human resource staff, trainers or consultants who want (or need) to gain a tool and process to help clients and workplaces tap into their creativity and risk taking potential.

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