Free Webinar: Identifying High Potentials Using Assessments – Sept. 1st

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Free Webinar (Sept. 1st): Identifying High Potentials Using Assessments

During this one hour program, you will:

  1. Become aware of the difference between leadership potential and performance.
  2. Understand the relationship between cognitive ability and work styles in identifying high potentials.
  3. Be aware of which Work Styles are essential for being a high potential.
  4. Know how to assess high-potential characteristics in individuals through assessments that provide 360º feedback, measure cognitive ability, and show work style preferences.
  5. Learn about Workplace Coach Institute’s online 360 assessment certification program to use the AAI 360 tool!

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Free Webinar: 5 Mistakes Coaches and Consultants Make With Their Personal Brand Strategy and How To Avoid Them – Sept. 20th

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Free Webinar Sep. 20th: 5 Mistakes Coaches and Consultants Make With Their Personal Brand Strategy and How To Avoid Them

During this one hour program, you will:

  1. You will learn exactly what 5 steps you must take to create the most dynamic branding strategy for you.
  2. Know what you need to avoid and how to overcome common obstacles to market yourself using the most current trends.
  3. PLUS learn the 10 questions you should ask yourself about your current personal brand.
  4. Learn how to register for the upcoming Personal Branding for Coaches program at the introductory price!

Personal branding is a powerful and “must have” marketing strategy for coaches and consultants to distinguish themselves in a growing industry.

  • Building your credibility and visibility.
  • Attracting a regular stream of leads into your business.
  • Converting prospects into paying clients

But, if you’re like many other entrepreneurs and small business owners, the idea of sitting down and mapping out an actual strategy about your “remarkable difference” stresses you out.  For one thing – who has the time?  Not to mention the fact that you may not even know what makes your business unique.

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SkillScan’s Career Driver Online Assessment Training Program – 2013

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NBCC Approved for 3
Contact Hours!

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Cost: $98.00


Program Schedule:

Spring 2014:

Session 1 – Thursday,       April 10, 1:30-3:00pm EST
Session 2 – Thursday,       April 17, 1:30–3:00pm EST

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Summer 2014:

Session 1 – Thursday,     June 5, 1:00-2:30pm EST
Session 2 – Thursday,       June 12, 1:00–2:30pm EST

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Facilitator and Coach:

Lesah Beckhusen

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SkillScan’s Career Driver Online Assessment Training ProgramSM

“A Coaching Process for Career Turning Points”

Purpose | Why This Program | Instructor | Format | Schedule/Costs



This two-session program provide coaches, career practitioners and organizational career development professionals with a portfolio of self-assessment tools and strategies to: 1) help clients identify their greatest strengths and competencies; and, 2) gain a framework for integrating assessment results into a holistic profile of career themes for deepening client self-knowledge.


You will learn:

  • How to use SkillScan’s Career Driver Online Assessment and Career Coaching Resources
  • How to coach career clients by getting to the “heart” of clients strengths in less than 30 minutes
  • Experience the online assessment process, review the main components of the comprehensive report and learn how to manage and administer Place Career Driver Online
  • Assess your transferable skill sets and areas for development to enhance your understanding of your strengths and preferences
  • Gain knowledge and tools for applying the skill results with other career themes (Activity- based values, Holland-based interests, Jungian Personality Themes (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® or Keirsey Themes ®) to identify core preferences and enhance client self- understanding
  • Review a case study to illustrate overlapping career preferences for generating career options and formulating selling points for the resume, cover letter and interview


Why This Program:

You will gain a career coaching assessment and toolkit to help clients gain knowledge of their transferable skills, strengths and preferences. As a career professional, you will be equipped to coach your clients to design actions to
target career options, explore a career transition, or how to incorporate their strengths into self-marketing efforts (resume and interviews).

Participants from June 2012 Webinar Noted The Following Impact:

  • Better equipped and able to assist clients who are unsure of their strengths or need a career change
  • Able to help clients make sense of assessment information and identify meaningful components for a successful career
  • Increased conversations and goal-setting with clients, helping them more clearly direct their career paths and plans
  • Helps limit client career interests and better focus their research in a tailored and organized way
  • Understanding of how to combine with other assessments
  • Having the PDF instantly available to the client is very valuable



Lesah Beckhusen – for over 25 years, Lesah has successfully guided clients through their career crossroads while simultaneously developing a publishing business.



Advance Work for Session 1:

  • Complete Career Driver Online Assessment and review all aspects of the comprehensive report – select “Career Transitioner Report” (1.5 hours)

Class One (1.5 Hour)

  • Clarify and align Career Driver Online assessment to client goals
  • Learn about the 3 Types of Skills Classification system
  • Review key components of the assessment and apply to client needs
  • Gain strategies for deepening client understanding of their strengths through questioning
  • Learn tips for administering and managing your account
  • Receive directions and preparation for Class

Advance Work for Class 2:

  • Administer Career Driver Online and review the report with a client, apply the knowledge gained in session 1 (note you receive THREE grantable uses in this program)
  • In the Learning Center under Resources at, complete:
    • Interests Assessment — a quick exercise based on Holland’s general occupational themes to identify interest themes
      (estimated time 5-7 minutes)
    • Values Assessment Exercise — a tool for clarifying activity-based values and integrating values with SkillScan skill results (estimated time 20 – 30 minutes)
  • Review – Integrating Assessment Results – a table that shows the connection between a client’s Skill Sets with Holland Interests, Values and
    Personality themes to highlight core preferences (estimated time 15 minutes)

Content for Session 2 (1.5 hours)

  • Understand your skill profile and integrate results from across various exercises to identify core themes
  • Discuss strategies for helping clients to understand their results for use in career planning, career change, development and self- marketing
  • Examine a case study to deepen understanding of themes
  • Suggest next steps for building confidence with Career Driver and other assessments
  • Q&A


Program Schedule:

  • Spring 2014 Offering:

Session 1 – Thursday, April 10, 1:00-2:30pm EST
Session 2 – Thursday, April 17, 1:00–2:30pm EST


  • Summer 2014 Offering:

Session 1 – Thursday, June 5, 1:00-2:30pm EST
Session 2 – Thursday, June 12, 1:00–2:30pm EST



$98.00 for two sessions (3 hours). Program includes a personal free trial of Career Driver Online and three grantable assessments for using with clients. ($45.00 value) You will also receive coaching exercises, resources and links through Skillscan Learning Center. Register Now. Class size is limited to 20!

Must preregister by Mon., April 7 (for Spring 2014 Course) and Mon., June 2 (for Summer 2014 Course) to have sufficient time to complete the assessment and advance work.



Certification Logo


Optional Career Direction Assessment Certification: Requires an additional fee of $50.00 payable to the instructor

Designed for the Global Workplace: Public Programs & Custom Delivery –
Come Meet Us or We Can Meet You at Your Place! 
Delivered live via webinar conference and internet so you can participate from anywhere in the world. Leverages the power of a dedicated and focused learning community.Rigorous Accountability: You’ll have homework and you’ll be held accountable.Application-oriented. You’ll be expected to apply what you’ve learned back in the workplace, and share during class. We welcome the opportunity to bring any WCI program into your workplace or local coach association. Contact Aileen

Skillscan Testimonials:

The training was well-organized, clear and thorough. Lesah’s examples were great, and her answers to questions were open and thoughtful. Lesah was inspiring…[my] clients found the results very useful for resume building.” – Dorothy Bisbee, June 2013 SkillScan Webinar Participant


I appreciated going through the Career Driver section by section and getting a thorough overview of how to read it and what to take from it. It’s helped a client be much more articulate about his strengths and preferences, which is helping him prepare for interviews.” – June 2013 SkillScan Webinar Participant


SkillScan is the best tool on the market to take a close look at the skills you have to offer an employer, your community service, or the skills you take into self-employment. I love that it can be used with other self-assessments to strengthen and enhance your self-knowledge.” - Susan Chritton, Senior Content Expert, Identity, MyPath101


[My] increased understanding of the practical methods and the resources we covered have allowed me to be more confident in using the assessment with future clients.” – Nov. 2012 SkillScan Webinar Participant


I have administered SkillScan primarily to high school and college students. In the time that it normally takes a student to attend a lecture, a student can instead walk away from a SkillScan session with an understanding of his or her primary skill sets and the careers that utilize those skills. There is a strong emphasis on skill development and transferable skills which helps prepare students for today’s competitive market place. I recommend this tool without reservation.” - Jack Harari, Associate Director of Career Services and Industry Partnerships, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology


I administered Skill Scan to my class of sophomore plastics engineering students today. The students loved it! One said he didn’t realize he had so many skills. Another said he now had words to use to describe his experience when introducing himself to someone professionally. Even those who had a lot of skills yet to develop were excited to record them all in one place. It was a great confidence booster!” - Kimberly Bilawchuk, Career Counselor/Adjunct Faculty, UMass Lowell


I found the entire program to be excellent. The breakdown of the job seekers was a helpful way to think about the clients and their needs. I also find the the tool very comprehensive and am anxious to use it. Your webinars will make that much easier – June 2011 Skillscan Webinar Participant


The training was well organized, highly informative and allowed time for Q&A. Her slides were excellent and offered as part of the webinar for later review. In addition, Lesah provides ideas for discussing results with clients along with a case study. Her years as a career counselor make her sensitive to how well the assessment works for both the counselor and the client. – Sue Aiken, TSA Career Coach and Private Practice